Integrating Supported Decision Making

Integrating Supported Decision Making within Guardianship Supported Decision Making (SDM) is a valuable method that can be seamlessly integrated into guardianship to enhance the autonomy and involvement of elders with diminishing capacity. This approach ensures the safety provided by guardianship while allowing individuals to actively participate in their care decisions. Collaborative Decision Making Guardians work closely… Continue reading Integrating Supported Decision Making

Navigating Guardianship in Florida

A Comprehensive Guide for Families, Attorneys, and Solo Agers Introduction Understanding the guardianship process is crucial for families, attorneys, and solo agers who are planning for their late life and potential incapacity. Navigating this complex legal landscape ensures that the best interests of the person in need are protected. Professional guardians play a vital role… Continue reading Navigating Guardianship in Florida

Managing Trusts

What You Need to Know Providing Stability Proper management of trusts, particularly Special Needs Trusts (SNTs) and Qualified Income Trusts (QITs), is crucial for ensuring the financial stability and well-being of individuals who rely on these financial instruments. As a professional guardian and fiduciary with extensive experience in healthcare, public health, and financial management, I… Continue reading Managing Trusts

How to Choose the Right Professional Guardian

Key Qualities and Questions to Ask: Finding What is Right for YOU! Selecting the right professional guardian is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the well-being and financial security of you & your loved ones. Whether you’re an elder law attorney looking for a reliable guardian for your clients, a family member seeking support… Continue reading How to Choose the Right Professional Guardian

The Role of a Healthcare Surrogate

Ensuring Your Loved Ones Receive Proper Care in Pinellas County Get the Care You Need Choosing the right healthcare surrogate is crucial for ensuring that you and your loved ones receive the proper care they deserve, especially in Pinellas County, where the needs of seniors are unique and diverse. Understanding the role and importance of… Continue reading The Role of a Healthcare Surrogate