Integrating Supported Decision Making

Integrating Supported Decision Making within Guardianship

Supported Decision Making (SDM) is a valuable method that can be seamlessly integrated into guardianship to enhance the autonomy and involvement of elders with diminishing capacity. This approach ensures the safety provided by guardianship while allowing individuals to actively participate in their care decisions.

Collaborative Decision Making Guardians work closely with individuals to understand their preferences and involve them in decisions wherever possible. This collaboration respects their autonomy and ensures their voice is heard.

Information Sharing Guardians provide clear, accessible information to help individuals understand their options and the implications of their choices. This empowers them to make informed decisions with the support they need.

Respect for Preferences Even under guardianship, the goal is to respect and enact the individual’s known wishes and values. This respect fosters a sense of dignity and personal control.

Regular Review Guardianship plans include periodic reviews to adjust the level of support and involvement based on the individual’s evolving needs and capabilities. This flexibility ensures that the care provided is always aligned with the individual’s current situation.

Support Network Utilizing a network of family, friends, and professionals, guardians create a comprehensive support system that aids the individual’s decision-making process. Having a guardian, you can be assured that individuals who profit from providing care to a client will not sway decisions away from the client’s best interest.

By integrating SDM as a method into guardianship, I uphold my ethical commitment to autonomy and dignity, while ensuring the individual’s safety and well-being through structured support and oversight of day to day caretakers and beneficiaries. This balanced approach allows for meaningful participation in decision-making, even as capacity diminishes.

At Suncoast Professional Fiduciary Services, I am dedicated to providing guardianship that respects my clients’ autonomy while safeguarding their well-being. Contact me to learn how I can support you or your loved ones through a compassionate and empowering approach to guardianship